“Scale and Geographical Locations”

88 Hotspring – Spa & Hotspring Resort was opened in 2004 and is located in Laguna Calamba, Philippines.

There are 11 outdoor pools and hot springs spread over 25,000 pyeong of land, located in Calamba Laguna, south of the capital city of Manila, 53 km from Manila International Airport, about an hour’s drive away.

“Feng Shui geographical location”​​

Behind is the huge Makiling National Park, one of the world’s natural botanical treasures, experts say the 88 Forest Resort is one of “the best resorts in Laguna” and is a very good resort for meditating within it’s serene place clear from noise, air and water pollution.

"The Origin of Hot Springs"

The hot spring water of 88 Hotspring has been infused with 100 degree celsius of automated heat to achieve a relaxing experience. When the hot spring was acquired in 2006, it was a small hot spring of about 3,000 pyeong. The hot spring at that time retained their appearance for many years.The reason why this hot spring was famous was known for the miracle water wonders that said it can cure ailments and diseases.
In some cases, patients who are ill and curious to try the miracle water are said to be healed somehow. Now, the results of modern medical research have revealed that the body temperature and minerals are useful for raising the immunity to the body. . As a result of the experience of 88 hot spring water, I found that hot spring water emits strong infrared rays and raises the body temperature close to the temperature of the hot spring water which is almost obtained, and it is clear that it is effective in treating skin diseases because it contains rich minerals.
As a result of the 2014 water quality test, the hot spring water is colorless, odorless and tasteless hot spring water with alkaline pH of 7.59 and soft water. It contains abundant minerals. The mineral content is 500 mg / L, while 88 hot spring water contains 642 mg / L.